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Kosher Food

Kosher Food



Cancun Kosher Food Options

The Cancun Kosher restaurant at Chabad will open in in the next few months. Until then only our Catering service will be available. For fresh kosher meals visit .  

You'll be surprised to find that there is quite a variety of kosher food products throughout Cancun's major supermarkets. Items however, may vary at different times, and cannot consistently be found.

In addition to the many Kosher, frozen and shelf products that are available for purchase at Sams Club, Costco and Walmart etc with some recognizable Hashgachos, you will also find a Kosher parave/dairy fish  restaurant called Dag Dag, located near the Chabad Center. Their website is

Kosher Cancun offers Kosher meals to go, that can be delivered to your hotel. For more information or to view the menu please visit Orders should be made several days in advance.

To enhance your local shopping experience, look out for the following Kosher certifications, OU, OK, KMD and VK Alef Alef, the latter two are the local hashgacha agencies, provided by the Ashkenazi and Sephardi communities in Mexico City.

Customs will allow food to be brought into Mexico Providing that you are not entering with any beef products or produce.

Chicken most be labeled with the FDA and sealed in order to pass customs.

Chabad does not take any responsibility for the Kashrus of any products or agencies mentioned besides and Dag Dag which is under our direct supervision.