Rabbi Mendel Druk, was born and raised in Oak Park, Michigan.

While completing his rabbinical and postgraduate studies he spent five years leading services and community outreach in locations in Eastern Europe, the Far East and across the USA. Rabbi Druk led the Chabad search and rescue team in New Orleans post-Katrina, and the Chabad relief effort in Thailand post-Tsunami.

Rabbi Druk has served as director of summer camps in Russia and the US. He was Coordinator at the Aleph Institute’s Yeshiva program in Miami, FL and, most recently, director of the Teen Program at the Jewish Learning Institute, an international educational institution based in NY.

Rebbetzin Rachel Druk grew up in the Crown Heights Community of Brooklyn, New York where she graduated with honors from Beth Rivkah High School. She earned her teacher’s degree majoring in Judaic studies at Beth Chana in Safed, Israel.

Rachel has vast experience in the areas of children’s programming and education. With her exceptional love for children and energetic, upbeat demeanor, Rachel worked during high school and college vacations as a successful counselor and head counselor in camps in Florida, Alaska, Michigan and New York. Upon graduating, she was an Elementary School teacher and guidance counselor to young teenagers in Chicago and New York.

Rachel’s exuberant form of sharing the joys and the depth of Judaism give her the ability to make everyone feel welcome and at home.

The Druk’s are joined by their adorable children Mushka, Gavriel Noach, Sara, Shaina & Dovid who have already become important (and very popular) partners in their parents work.