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Ember Grill



Vico's Grill



Italian Kosher Pizza



KMC Kosher Store

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Nizuc Kosher Menu

Order only if certified by Rabbi Simpser


Kosher list at Chedrouis supermarket and Kosher list for Costco. Items and shelves change from time to time. 


Downtown Cancun in the Huayacan area has a Kosher store / butcher that will also deliver kosher grocery and meat products to your hotel or airbnb, please contact them for a list of their products and pricing. In addition there are many products that can be found with a US or Mexico Kosher supervision in the local shops and supermarkets.  Costco offers the largest selection of kosher products. In the Cancun hotel zone the Chedrouis Selecto supermarket has some kosher products as well as lots of basic food staples. There is a small Kosher Butcher in the downtown of Cancun, they can be reached here +52.998.100.0698


  Mexican recognized Kosher certification agencies

Alef Alef / KMD / KosherOne 


Hotels, as much as ​they may be well intentioned, they are not very informed on the intricacies of kosher observance and therefore one should not rely on their assertions. Unfortunately this is a mistake that has led to some hotels serving non Kosher to their Jewish guests. 

 Be sure to look out for a Mashgiach and Kosher certification when visiting a presumed Kosher eatery. Being listed on this page is for informational purposes only and should not be taken as a endorsement or recommendation of any kind.

Here is a list of kosher drinks and products approved by the KMD